Bagmandala is a lovely small village a few miles away from the holy city of Harihareshwar. This is the place where the Peshwa (Prime Minister) of the Maratha Kingdom lived for many years. Bagmandala carries the legacy of Peshawa in a Peshwa Smarak as well as in an ancient fort named as Bankot fort.


The prime attraction of the Bagmandala is the jungle jetty (sea harbor in the forest). This small port ferries the local people across the Bagmandala creek. Those who like for a ferry travel can cross over Bankot fort and enter the nearby Ratnagiri fort.



Coconut trees, Beetle nut trees and Mango trees can be seen at Bagmandala.


Velas beach


Velas beach – You can watch turtle eggs hatch on Velas beach.

Velas Beach (1)

Ever wondered how it would be to watch turtles hatch on a beach and make their way into a sea. Nature enthusiasts can actually experience a ‘National-Geographic moment’ on the Velas beach at Mandangad taluk in Ratnagiri district, where the Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, an NGO engaged in conservation of marine turtles, have counted 21 nests.

One turtle lay about 100-150 eggs in a nest. The eggs take about 60 days to hatch. From each nest, there are about 60% chances of emergence of hatchlings.

Distance: 30 Minutes away via Ferry

Velas Beach (2)

Nearby Points to see: Pan Buruj, Bankot fort, Velas village, Olive Riddle Turtle breeding beach, Kelshi village (Mahalaxmi temple and Aade beach). The ruins of Nana Phadnis house in Velas is still dictating the tales of the yesteryears while a newly erected museum near the same caters more information regarding the same.

More info on Velas:  Although a very beautiful fort dotting the coastline of the Konkan strip, the fort of Himmatgad, now popularly known as Bankot (from the name of nearby village) is not a destination thronged by the tourists. There are couple of reasons attributable to its secluded status. One is that there is very little awareness and historical significance associated with Bankot and other is absence of any major township in the nearby areas contributing to lack of quality accommodation facilities. However, there is no denying that Bankot is a very beautiful fort and surely worth a visit. Bankot, the base village, is a well to do township with a predominantly Muslim population.

Velas Beach (4)

From Bankot village, proceed towards Velas village along the road which runs parallel to the coastline. Velas, the birth place of very diplomatic Nana Phadnis of the Peshwa is a very tranquil village merely two km from Bankot. The residence of Nana Phadnis, even though now in ruins, still bears testimony to the great person that Nana was. Calm beach and the perfect village setting make it surely worth a visit.
There is an old temple of Shri Bhairi-Rameshwar and in this temple all twelve months water is made available taking the benefit of favorable geographical conditions. A statue of Nana Phadnis is present outside his house. In Velas Mahalakshmi temple and Nana Phadnis house are the places to visit.
Velas, now also is a breeding place for the endangered species of turtle: The Olive Riddle turtles. The beach of Velas sees a nice haven for breeding of these endangered species and once can really have a close look at these beautiful little creatures and learn more about these. Also the wind scooping off rocks on the shores of the Arabian Sea is a peculiarity in itself and a treat to eye.
One the way towards Velas from Bankot village, one comes across a small dilapidated fortification (Bastion like structure). This is not be mistaken as Bankot fort. This is known as Pan Buruj and was built by the Siddis of the Janjire Mehroob (Janjira) fame. Pan Buruj is merely an extension of Bankot fort serving as a watch guard.

Jeevnabander & Bharadkhol


Jeevnabander (22 km), Bharadkhol (29 KM): Auction grounds of the local Fishers. An unique experience for the people who love eating fishes. Auctions are held twice per day.

Jeevnabander & Bharadkhol (1)

Every morning about 8 am, the boats ported near a small village where the vibrant energy has already filled the air. The women sat with their fresh displays of prawn, king mackerel, pomfret and other variety of gorgeous fishJeevnabander & Bharadkhol (2).



Shriwardhan is a taluka, and city and a municipal council in Raigad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. (20km)


Shriwardhan (taluka) is an ancient place of historical importance and is mentioned as being visited by Arjuna Pandav in his pilgrimage. It is well known place for traders in the past. In sixteenth and seventeenth centuries under Ahmadnagar and afterwards under Bijapur shriwardhan was a port of consequence. It appears in the accounts of leading European travellers as Ziffardan. In 1538 Dom Joao de Castro described it as with little water in the pier at low tide but inside large and roomy. It is notable as the birthplace of Balaji Visvanath (attached monument in Shriwardhan), the first Pesva (1713–1720) who was the Desmukh of the town. In 1713 Shriwardhan was one of the sixteen fortified places in the Konkan ceded by Balaji Visvanath Pesva to Kanhoji Angre of Kolaba. Balaji was the first Peshwa of Maratha Empire appointed by Chattrapati Shahu, grandson of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Photo and Flim lovers


For those who love unperturbed beaches and the serene sound of the waves, Harihareswar, Maharashtra is for you. The place offers a lot to soothe your senses and rejuvenate you.

The scenic beauty at Harihareshwar not just ends at beaches but the place has abundance of nature with fresh moist hills, lush green trees and beautiful weather.

Harihareshwar is as picturesque as you see in the photographs. The soft sand on the beach contrasts to the hard rocks along way to offer a great experience for the tourists especially for those who are visiting it for the first time.

Harihareshwar is surrounded by four holy hills- Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri. Indeed, the freshness that Harihareshwar offers – in its weather, in its winds, in its beaches, in its sand, in its trees, in its resorts is what makes a tourist want to come again and again.


Some of the common places that can be visited in Harihareshwar are Harihareshwar Temple, Shrivardhan Sea Shore, Diveagar Sea Beach, Tambadi (Trekking Point), Gold Casting Ganpati Idol – Diveagar and Bankot Fort.